Toyota Camry

1996-2001 of release

Repair and operation of the car

Toyota Camry
+ 1. Maintenance instruction
+ 1.2. Information before driving of the car
+ 1.3. Independent maintenance
+ 1.4. Technical characteristics
+ 1.5. Several councils upon purchase of the car
+ 2. Maintenance
- 3. Engines
   + 3.1.2. Check of a compression
   + 3.2. 6-cylinder two-row V6 3,0 engines of l
   + 3.3. Partition of engines
   - 3.4. Engine electric equipment
      3.4.2. Technical characteristics
      3.4.3. Rechargeable battery
      3.4.4. Power cables
      3.4.5. System of ignition
      3.4.6. Coil (i) of ignition
      3.4.7. Check of the moment of ignition
      3.4.8. Block of electronic ignition
      3.4.9. System of a charge of the battery
      3.4.10. Generator
      3.4.11. Regulator of tension and brush
      3.4.12. System of launch of the engine
      3.4.13. Starter electric motor
      3.4.14. Traction relay
      3.4.15. Main malfunctions of electric equipment
      3.4.16. What should be known to the owner of the car with the injector engine
      3.4.17. Turbo doctor
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Heating and ventilation
+ 6. Fuel system
+ 7. Exhaust system
+ 8. Transmission
+ 9. Running gear
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. Body
+ 12. Electric equipment


3.4.13. Starter electric motor


Starter conclusions

1. Traction relay
2. Starter
3. Vice
4. Switch

If there are suspicions on malfunction of a chain of a starter, then be convinced that the battery is charged, check purity reliability of fastening of wires, serviceability of the blocking switch of situation Park/Neutral or coupling (on and/m from the manual transmission). Check also serviceability of the relay of a starter (is in the assembly block of the relay in a motor compartment).

If the starter electric motor does not rotate at turn of a key at all, then check tension on the traction relay. If tension is, then remove a starter and check.

At slow rotation of a starter check tension and current at start-up which at not really low temperature, later no more than 10 from later inclusion of a starter have to be respectively not lower than 8,0 B and 250-400 And. If starting current does not correspond to the specified limit, then replace a starter, previously having checked serviceability of wires, connections and the battery.

If tension on a starter is, but the starter does not rotate, then remove a starter for check. For check of a starter collect the scheme, having connected wires the specified conclusions (see rice. Starter conclusions). If the obgonny coupling starts, but the starter does not rotate, then the starter is faulty. If clicks are listened, and the coupling does not start, then either the relay, or a starter are faulty.


Details of installation of a starter (4-cylinder engine)

1. Socket
2. Starter
3. Power cable

Details of installation of a starter (6-cylinder engine)

1. Socket
2. Starter
3. Power cable

1. Remove the battery.
2. Remove an aktyuator a cruise control.
3. Disconnect from a wire starter.
4. Turn off starter bolts.
5. Remove an arm from the top part of a starter. For this purpose release 1–2 bolts of an arm, you priopustit a starter and turn off other bolts.


Installation is carried out upside-down.